Our services

Our services include:

– Servicing of printers,
– Repairs on Computers & Laptops
– Repairs on Printers, Copiers, Fax machines & Scanners,
– Networking,
– Wireless internet & Optic Fiber
– CCTV installations

Please feel free to call us at anytime regarding any of the above mentioned products and services or for more information on other products.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop faulty, not working, needing repair? Notebook not working? Send it to Atp Computer Consultants and find out why so many IT companies and individuals across South Africa rely on us for their laptop repairs and service requirements. We repair all makes and models of laptop down to component level and offer complete repairs and first class servicing for your notebook or laptops. First and foremost, we would like to assure you that the repair of your laptop will be handled by the professional technicians and electronic engineers, using the utmost advanced technologically equipment that exists in the industry today.

Laptop Hardware Failures and Symptoms

Laptop Booting Failure
Random Shutdown
Motherboard Issues
Battery Charging Issues
Processor Issues and Memory Issues
Laptop Hard Drive Failures
Entire Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
Laptop LCD Inverter Replacement
Laptop LCD Lamp ( CCFL ) Replacement
Dim Laptop LCD Screen
Flickering Laptop LCD Screen
Laptop Over Heating Issues
Erratic Keyboard Keys And Mouse Pad
Broken Laptop Hinges, Arm pads etc…
Broken Dc Jack Repair or Replacement
Liquid Spillage Issues / Physical Damages
Faint / Faded Image On Laptop LCD
Red or Dark Laptop LCD Screen / Image

If your battery isn’t charging anymore, your laptop fails to boot or you have other hardware issue do not hesitate to contact our specialists. Our engineers are specially trained to repair all sorts of hardware problems such as replacing the power jacks, replacing the IC components, laptop over heating issues, fixing motherboard or CPU issues or any physical damages. First of all we investigate the problem and estimate the reparation cost. Only after your approval we will start the reparation.

If you were told by a computer company that you need a new motherboard please call us for a second opinion because the chances are very high that we can repair it!!!!!

Laptop Software Issues and Symptoms

O/S Booting Failure
Slow and Unstable O/S
Error Messages while Loading the O/S
Slow Laptop Functionality
Blue Screen / Memory Dump
Random Shut Downs
Pop up Windows & Spy Wares
Spam Advertisements & Viruses
Error Messages while browsing the Net
Blue Screen, Lock ups
Random Shut Downs

If your laptop has software problems our specialists will be glad to help you to solve it. There are problems like OS booting failure, blue screen or memory dump which can give real trouble even to IT specialists.

We can also back-up or recover your data, scan for viruses and disinfect the corrupted files. That is why you should contact us to fix your software issues.

The reparation process will start after a complete evaluation and only with your approval.

On-site Computer repair and computer maintenance for PCs, and Windows.

We provide on-site computer service and computer repair, upgrades and troubleshooting. We can help with all computer service issues including lost internet connections, email, crashed or non-booting computers, software setup, virus infections, peripherals, wireless systems, data backup, data recovery, tuition and a lot more.


Repair examples:

If you have any repair work or enquiries on our services, please make contact with us