Important Information About The Internet And Computers

By Jason Smith

* Era without the internet:

In past years, communication from the outside world was not easy, but today, it is made possible using the most useful tools such as the computer and the internet. Some people communicate with their fellows and friends, while some people surf the internet, buy things, and some have adopted making websites as their profession and make it as a part of their business. The Internet allows people to compose, send and receive messages conveniently, and at any time, with ease, they can communicate, rather than visit a post office and write a letter.

* Depth Views about the Internet:

The Internet is a means of connecting one computer to other computers throughout the world using routers and servers. When two computers are connected using the internet, they can share information, like text, graphics, pictures, audio video, and can send and receive messages instantly and with convenience. No one owns the internet; however, several organizations in the world are taking part in this development and functioning. The backbones of the internet are fiber optic cables, which are owned by the telephone companies of the country.

The Internet came out of the Advance Research Project Agency’s network, which was named ARPANET. This was established by Department of Defense of United States in the 1960s. The main intention of its development was for military research, for business, and for government laboratories. The development of hypertext-based technology, which has become the displayed text, shared information, graphics, and animation, has triggered its explosive worldwide growth. This internet has revolutionized the current century and is helping to develop things all over the world, which a human being was unable to imagine.

There are billions of web pages available on the internet, which are created by people, businesses, and organizations all over the world. They are making the internet a limitless place, where people can be informed and entertained.

Using the internet, people come across thousands of things, which have become a source of ease for people. For example, many financial organizations are offering online banking service, enabling their customers to view and manage their accounts using the Internet. The various facilities provided by the internet are online shopping, email, social media, online gaming, surfing the web, software updates, and knowledge sharing sites.

* Early days of the internet:

In the early days of the computer with the internet, people used home computers with the dial up modem to get connected to the internet. Later, DSL was used, along with internet wires. Now, tablets and phones have taken their place, and people are connected to the external world, receiving and sharing updates.

* Our ancestors without the internet facility:

In the past, our parents and grandparents had to complete their school assignments, their reports, and other stuff without the help of the internet or computer. They managed that time with some difficulty by going to school, to college, and earning advanced degrees without using the internet. They had to read the whole book or papers or documents to search for relevant information. The people who do not have computers in their homes have to struggle to find some stuff needed for their assignments.

Visiting the library was a good source for them, but this required much time, and it is a slower process. There were very rare chances of availability of computers in the libraries, but if there were computers available, students might have to wait in line for their turn. They hope they will get their time to enter the report into the computer and get it printed. This results in taking additional time by writing the assignment manually.

Using these methods, students are unable to take the opportunity to correct their grammar and spelling mistakes using software.

* Our current era:

On the other side, consider the student of this century, who has the internet around the clock. They open their computer, connects it to the internet, and within a few clicks and a little use of fingers, they can get thousands of references and sources from which they can get information. After getting the data, with a little evaluation and little concentration, the student can also type his/her data into the computer. If there are some mistakes, either spelling or grammatical, they are corrected automatically or get highlighted for correction. After correcting those mistakes, it turns to a report and generates that report for their use.

When we are blaming some teachers for their performance and our children are getting low scores in their academics, this might be because some of the teachers are unable to access the internet.

The way to improve the grading of the students, in general, is to look at the gap between the students who are performing using the internet and those students who are not able to take benefit from this utility. It is interesting that the computer at home and the internet contribute to the development of the child in improving grades, resulting in high academic performance.

* Benefits of using the internet:

With the evaluation of the internet, we have the facility to communicate with people at distant places using electronic mail, which do not require postage stamps.

* Ease of online shopping:

Rather than driving to the mall and waiting to pay for the long lines, one can easily purchase the goods he/she needs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Also, one can easily compare the prices of the goods between different online retailers to see and select which one is the best.

* Online banking:

Online banking has become the need of the time. You just need to log into your account, and you can transfer funds, pay your bills, get cash, or have balance inquiry.

* Social networking:

The main advantage of the internet is connecting thousands of PCs and laptops and feeling the world is like a global village.


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